ответы задания олимпиада всош 2023-2024

Английский язык 9-11 класс ответы и задания для школьного этапа олимпиады ВСОШ 26-28 сентября 2023

Официальные задания и ответы для 9, 10, 11 класса по английскому языку школьного этапа 2023 2024 всероссийской олимпиады школьников ВСОШ для Москвы 77 регион и Республики Дагестан. Попробовать свои силы в решении нестандартных задач могут ученики, а также учителя, родители и все желающие проходит на официальном сайте: school.mos.ru

ЗАДАНИЕ 1 Выберите подходящий вариант в выпадающем списке

Listen to a radio interview with Dr Ramsdale about keeping healthy. For items 1–3, decide whether the statements are TRUE according to the text you hear, or FALSE. For questions 4−10, choose the best answer. You will hear the text twice.

Прослушайте аудиозапись

1. The mass media is full of stories about overweight children.
Выбрать: TRUE/ FALSE

ЗАДАНИЕ 2 Dr Ramsdale is glad that schools today have special cookery classes for girls and boys.
Выбрать: TRUE/ FALSE

ЗАДАНИЕ 3 Nowadays life for children is more dangerous than it used to be.
Выбрать: TRUE/ FALSE

ЗАДАНИЕ 4 According to Dr Ramsdale, how does life today differ from the past?
People rarely visit the doctor.
People have more money.
People are healthier.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 5 Dr Ramsdale advises people to
cook food without fat.
check their blood pressure.
learn about heart disease.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 6 What does Dr Ramsdale say could help fat teenagers?
They should count their calories.
They should eat regularly and often.
They should learn more about food.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 7 According to Dr Ramsdale, nowadays children
are usually inactive.
enjoy playing outside.
eat too many potatoes.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 8 What does Dr Ramsdale feel children today are like?

ЗАДАНИЕ 9 What should people do if they suffer from stress or depression?
buy fewer expensive possessions.
take pills prescribed by the doctor.
improve the way they live.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 10 What does Dr Ramsdale believe?
Changing your lifestyle is worth the extra money.
It is not difficult to adopt a better lifestyle.
People should visit their doctor less often.

ЗАДАНИЕ 11 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

Read an article and answer questions 1 — 10 by choosing the best option.

Peter Moon and the Chocolate Factory

Journalist Liz Campbell fulfils a childhood dream of visiting a real-life chocolate factory.

From the outside, the building resembles a caramel square dusted with cocoa. As I walk through the revolving doors, I am greeted with the pleasing aroma of smooth, sweet, rich chocolate that permeates everything. Even in the reception area, where Peter Moon’s wife Leona is busy with Easter orders, I can’t escape this potent scent.

If you want to appreciate this for yourself, then allow me to indulge you. Get a chocolate bar and, against all your natural instincts, try to open the wrapper slowly. Then take a moment to savour the tantalising smell of chocolate inside. Now picture yourself actually inside, confined within the four walls of the wrapper that is shutting in the aroma with you. If the mere thought of that sounds good to you, what would it be like to breathe in the aroma of this fine chocolate every single day? I ask Leona that very same question. “I’m so used to the smell. I’ve worked here for so long I don’t even notice it any more,” Leona admits. To my mind, that is an absolute tragedy. But she later confesses that she still eats a few pieces of chocolate every day.

I observe Leona as she expertly handles customers who are desperate to get their orders in on time. The factory’s chocolate has just been given the highest rating in a recent consumer report and needless to say, the orders have been flooding in. The boom in business could explain her high spirits, which I must admit is infectious, and I can’t help feeling excited about being let into this hidden world.

At that moment, Peter Moon enters from a door at the back, dressed in a white hat and a heavy-duty rubber apron. After polite introductions, he immediately launches into his favourite topic. “Did you know that chocolate comes from the bean of the Theobroma Cacao tree, which means ‘food of the gods’?” he asks. “The Aztecs considered cacao to be man’s inheritance from Quetzalcoatl, the god of the air. Cacao seeds were made into a drink with the addition of maize and vanilla. The Spaniards observed its use and carried back beans to Spain, where it rapidly became a drink for the wealthy.” I can tell this man lives and breathes what he does.

I follow Peter into the packing room, which is bursting with multicoloured cellophane and ribbons that are waiting to decorate chocolate eggs arranged in lines. I watch as staff work, carefully wrapping Easter treats. Over 60 staff are employed at the factory and, from appearances, I don’t doubt their commitment. “My team are extremely focused. We are like a family here,” Peter declares proudly. I couldn’t agree more. I immediately get the impression that this is no ordinary factory.

And then, as he and I enter the adjoining room, I try to pull myself together. I make a great effort to control my excitement, reminding myself that the real purpose of my visit is to gather information to write an article. A conveyor belt transports small cubes of sweet centres towards a chocolate waterfall, with the promise of being enveloped in a thick, luxurious layer of chocolate. Moon picks up a tray of half-finished mini chocolate eggs. Each egg is ready to be filled and brushed over with more chocolate to seal it. Coloured cocoa butter will then be painted on to it to give it a shiny exterior. It is obvious that a significant amount of care and attention goes into making Moon’s chocolates, and each one is finished lovingly by hand.

“We use the freshest ingredients, which are free from artificial preservatives, and so our products only have a shelf life of three weeks,” explains Peter. By finding ingredients from all around the world, Peter is responding to the growing trend of chocolate connoisseurs who hold tasting evenings with friends. They enjoy trying to name the origins of the cocoa bean that the chocolate is made from, like those who appreciate fine wine. As I leave, I learn that Peter, like his wife, also takes the opportunity to sample his work. “I think it’s important to test the products on a regular basis,” he says smiling. And yes… if you are wondering, I did get to take some home!

1. What does the writer notice most when she enters the factory?
the smell of chocolate in the building
the unusual appearance of the building
the way she is greeted by Leona Moon
how busy it is in the reception areaОтветить

ЗАДАНИЕ 12 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

2. The writer’s description of unwrapping a chocolate bar is intended to make her readers
want to visit the chocolate factory themselves.
understand how the factory workers feel.
able to imagine her experience more clearly.
appreciate the pleasure of eating chocolate.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 13 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

3. The writer thinks it is ‘an absolute tragedy’ that Leona
is unaffected by the smell in the factory now.
confesses to eating chocolate every day.
says the smell is not as strong as it once was.
doesn’t even like the smell of chocolate.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 14 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

4. What is the cause of the writer’s enthusiasm as she watches Leona work?
She is happy that Leona’s business has just become very successful.
She shares Leona’s excitement about a recent consumer report.
She is impressed by the way that Leona deals with the customers.
She is going to experience something that few people get the chance to.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 15 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

5. The writer’s first impression of Peter Moon is that he
doesn’t really care about polite introductions.
is interested in everything connected with his job.
can tell her a lot about the history of the Aztecs.
is not dressed in the way she would have expected.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 16 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

6. What does the writer suggest about the staff at the factory?
Many of them seem to be related to each other.
They seem to care deeply about their work.
They seem to get on very well with Peter Moon.
They don’t seem to be working very hard.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 17 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

7. The writer says ‘I try to pull myself together’ to show that she
can’t remember the real purpose of her visit.
feels as if she is in two places at the same time.
is finding it difficult to stay calm and do her job.
is tired of gathering information about the factory.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 18 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

8. What is not stated in the interview about the production of chocolate eggs at Peter Moon’s factory?
Peter Moon paints each egg by hand.
During its production, each chocolate egg undergoes a series of operations.
Part of the production cycle is automated.
Each chocolate egg consists of a number of layers.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 19 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

9. What do we learn about Peter Moon’s chocolate in the last paragraph?
Its special ingredients make it taste like fine wine.
It is regularly tested by chocolate connoisseurs.
It must be eaten within three weeks after it is made.
It is growing in popularity all around the world.Ответить

ЗАДАНИЕ 20 Выберите один из нескольких вариантов

10. Which statement is true according to the last paragraph?
Peter likes his wife.
There is a growing number of people who like spending evenings savouring chocolate with wine.
Chocolate connoisseurs are people who can name all the ingredients of the product they are tasting.
Peter uses raw products from different countries.

ЗАДАНИЕ 21 Впишите в пропуски подходящее по смыслу слово

Task 1.

For items 1–10 read the text below. Use the word given in brackets to form a new word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).

В поле ответа запишите только ОДНО слово (без цифр, точек, скобок и других лишних знаков). Слова с орфографическими ошибками, опечатками и лишними знаками не засчитываются!




Cash rewards are a common form of (0)MOTIVATION (MOTIVATE) used by parents with high (1)​__________(EXPECT) to encourage their children to work hard at exam time. Some youngsters receive (2)​__________(PAY) of as much as £100 for each A grade they obtain. But should such ‘bribes’ be based on exam (3)​__________(PERFORM) or should they, as many parents and teachers feel, be offered in (4)​__________(RECOGNIZE) of a child’s effort, regardless of results? The latter approach would solve the problem of how parents reward children with different levels of (5)​__________(ABLE) ; imagine, for example, a family with one child who is (6)​__________(ACADEMY) gifted and another who has learning (7)​__________(DIFFICULT). The dangers of result-related incentives for the second child are clear; with little hope of obtaining the higher grades, the withholding of promised (8)​__________(FINANCE) rewards would only compound the child’s feeling of (9)​__________(FAIL). However, some leading educational psychologists believe that parents should rely on their own (10)​__________(JUDGE) in such matters. They maintain that if parents know that money will motivate their child, then they should not be condemned for operating a system of cash payouts.

ЗАДАНИЕ 22 Выберите подходящий вариант в выпадающем списке

Task 2.

For items 1–12, read the text below and decide which answer best fits each gap. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Example answer:

(0) serious





Truancy has become a (0) serious problem in many schools in recent years. In an attempt to tackle this problem one school introduced a new scheme to (1)__________ students to attend as many classes as possible. Pupils who (2)__________ a 100% attendance record throughout the whole academic year were (3)__________ with an all inclusive weekend school (4)__________ to an activity centre where they would be able to have a go at (5)__________ activities such as climbing, abseiling and white water rafting.

One student was so (6)__________ to qualify for this free weekend away that he even went to school with a broken wrist. He hurt his wrist when he fell (7)__________ his bike on the way to school but he was so worried about (8)__________ his 100% attendance that he didn’t (9)__________ his teachers or parents until the school day had finished. He (10)__________ admitted to his mother what had happened when she (11)__________ that he was having difficulty eating his dinner and asked him what was wrong. She took him to hospital that night, where they put his arm in plaster and he was able to go back to school the next day.

Fortunately, he was fully (12)__________from his accident in time to participate in the event.

ЗАДАНИЕ 23 Впишите в пропуски подходящее по смыслу слово

Task 3.

For questions 1–18, read the text below and look carefully at each line. Some of the lines are correct, and some have a word which should not be there.

If a line is correct put a tick. Use the letter “V” as a tick. If a line has a word which should not be there, write the word in a given space. There are two examples at the beginning (0 and 00)

В поле ответа поставьте галочку или запишите только ОДНО слово (без цифр, точек, скобок и других лишних знаков). Слова с орфографическими ошибками, опечатками и лишними знаками не засчитываются!


0. We can save money on all of aspects of our holiday, from where and when — of

00. to go to how to get to and from the airport; here are some tips on how to get — V

1. to the most for your money when choosing a holiday. — ​

2. For the best deals when book your holiday between the high and low seasons; — ​

3. you could save up to 70% on some holiday resorts while still enjoying good — ​

4. weather as well as other high season and advantages — ​

5. and there will be fewer crowds. — ​

6. You can also save money by going somewhere where living costs are lower. — ​

7. It might have cost more to get there but once you are there you will spend — ​

8. less than on eating out and getting around as food and transport will be — ​

9. significantly more cheaper. — ​

10. And start saving before you will even leave the country by choosing the — ​

11. most cost effective way to the airport. There are many other bus services — ​

12. from major cities to airports which are cheaper than trains. If you go by — ​

13. train book well in advance to get cheaper tickets and if you do decide to go — ​

14. by car, book your carparking as soon as possible; some airports offer up to — ​

15. 50% off for early bookings. — ​

16. Finally, make sure if you research all the available options on-line. Signing — ​

17. up to email alerts can be a good idea as then you will be the first to know — ​

18. about cheap offers. The earlier you book the better the bargains are likely to be. — ​

ЗАДАНИЕ 24 Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами

Task 4.

For items 1—5, look at 5 groups of words. Choose the word which includes the others and then choose the word which does not belong to the same family. There is an example at the beginning.


1. alligator, reptile, snake, seal, tortoise, lizard, crocodile
the word which includes the others:____________
the word which does not belong to the same family:____________
ЗАДАНИЕ 25 Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами

2. custard, dessert, ice-cream, jelly, porridge, tart, trifle
the word which includes the others:____________
the word which does not belong to the same family:____________
ЗАДАНИЕ 26 Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами

3. sympathy, envy, honesty, virtue, bravery, kindness, generosity
the word which includes the others:____________
the word which does not belong to the same family:____________

ЗАДАНИЕ 27 Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами

4. china, saucer, vase, napkin, jug, dish, teapot
the word which includes the others: ____________
the word which does not belong to the same family:____________

ЗАДАНИЕ 28 Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами

5. island, Ireland, America, Malta, Cyprus, Iceland, Australia

the word which includes the others:____________

the word which does not belong to the same family:____________

ЗАДАНИЕ 29 Установите соответствие между объектами двух столбцов

Task 5.

Look at 6 adjectives and 6 groups of 3 nouns. Certain adjectives are only used with certain nouns. Match the adjectives and the nouns they are used with. There is an example at the beginning.





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