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Тренировочная работа №1 статград пробный ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс задания и ответы для варианта АЯ2110101. Официальная дата проведения работы: 6.12.2021 (6 декабря 2021 год).

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3)According to Patricia, North American college graduates prefer 1) to live in major cities. 2) to work in big corporations. 3) to live away from parents.

4)Patricia mentions a tradition in North America. Judging by her words, she 1) considers it to be old-fashioned. 2) wants it to continue in the future. 3) believes that it creates problems.

5)Patricia lives in 1) the USA. 2) Canada. 3) the UK.

6)Patricia paid for the house 1) 65 thousand dollars. 2) 150 thousand dollars. 3) 300 thousand dollars.

7)When the presenter exclaims “But you are forgetting the state it is in!”, he means that 1) the house is in a very bad condition. 2) the location of the house is horrible. 3) the house still needs to be paid for.

8)Patricia earns her living by being 1) a youtuber. 2) an electrician. 3) an artist.

9)What is the presenter’s general attitude towards Patricia’s project? 1) highly enthusiastic 2) somewhat skeptical 3) completely indifferent

12)What is the main idea in the first paragraph? 1) Development of human physiology needs to be researched. 2) The fact that a human can outrun a horse isn’t that surprising. 3) Running machines can help train for long-distance running. 4) There is a special marathon for people vs horses held in Wales.

13)The word “far-fetched” in the first paragraph is closest in meaning to 1) easy. 2) stupid. 3) hard. 4) usual.

14)According to the 2nd paragraph, 1) in pre-historic societies families were started by good runners. 2) sharing was an important tradition in all pre-historic societies. 3) prehistoric humans were better runners than people are today. 4) prehistoric humans could easily outrun four-legged animals.

15)Learning to throw sharp weapons at animals did NOT enable people 1) to run faster. 2) to be safer. 3) to run slower. 4) to run less.

16)Halsey and Bryce found out that the effect hot weather had on the ability of humans and horses to run was 1) equally little for both humans and horses. 2) equally strong for both humans and horses. 3) more negative for horses than for humans. 4) more negative for humans than for horses.

17)Which of the following does NOT help humans to be great long-distance runners? 1) A straight big toe. 2) A narrow waste. 3) Ability to sweat. 4) Ability to pant.

18)What makes the best long-distance runner? 1) Most efficient leg bones structure. 2) Advanced body-cooling system. 3) Ability to run gracefully. 4) Efficient use of energy.

19)How much do we know about Henry VIII that is true? The  thing that anyone would mention is probably the fact that he was the King of England who broke away from the Catholic Church and started the Church of England.

20)Another well-known fact is that he had six . All of this is true.

21)But there is also a misconception that the famous song Greensleeves  by him for his future wife Anne Boleyn.

22)Although Henry VIII was a skilled lute-player and wrote a number of songs, Greensleeves is based on an Italian style of composition that reached England a lot, during the reign of his daughter Elizabeth I.

23)When Peter came home from work he immediately felt that something was wrong. He was sure that somebody in his house in his absence.

24)He could see that in the careless way his scarf from the hook of a coat rack and the fact that the light in the bathroom was on.

25)But more than anything else, all of his pets – two little dogs, three cats and an old parrot – desperately wanted to tell him something. All of them were barking and meowing and screeching and  stop.

26)At her 82 years of age, Grandma Thelma could certainly be considered old. But it was not her age that defined her

27)Grandma Thelma was a . Had always been.

28)She still remembered her first time on the river, Dad teaching her how to paddle. She was five back then, but  other children, Thelma wasn’t interested in just splashing around and jumping in the water.

29)Thelma  wanted to swim. And she did! By age ten, she could swim almost as fast and as well as her dad.

30)Even though she never became a sportswoman, swimming accompanied Thelma all her life.

31)In many ways, it made her life more . It was one of the first things she taught her children. Now, being old, Thelma was happy that she managed to pass on her skill and love for swimming to her grandchildren as well.

40.1)Imagine that you are doing a project on what social networks are used by teenagers in Zetland for communication. You have found some data on the subject – the results of the opinion polls (see the table below). Comment on the data in the table and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

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