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Диагностическая работа №1 статград пробный ЕГЭ 2023 по английскому языку 11 класс тренировочный вариант АЯ2210201 письменная и устная часть с ответами и аудиозаписью. Официальная дата проведения работы: 7 февраля 2023 года.

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Статград английский язык 11 класс ЕГЭ 2023 письменная часть

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3. What do we learn about Dr. Laura Hopgood at the beginning of the interview?

  • 1) She studied at the University of Denver.
  • 2) Her first book became a best seller.
  • 3) She is the author of several books.

4. The presenter finds it shocking that the Colorado River is dying because

  • 1) it is so big and well-known.
  • 2) its death will cause problems.
  • 3) it’s human activity that causes it.

5. The examples of «ambitious new developments» that Dr Hopgood gives are the examples of irresponsible use of water for

  • 1) entertainment.
  • 2) agriculture.
  • 3) industry.

6. Dr. Hopgood believes that states that have deserts

  • 1) should encourage economic growth.
  • 2) have natural limitations to growth.
  • 3) can use deserts for agricultural purposes.

7. According to Dr. Hopgood, ground water is NOT

  • 1) used by farmers.
  • 2) connected to rivers.
  • 3) protected well enough

8. Dr. Hopgood believes that to solve the problem of the Colorado River

  • 1) people should use only as much water as they really need.
  • 2) icebergs should be brought from the South and North Poles.
  • 3) water can be redirected from bigger rivers like the Mississippi.

9. When saying good-bye to Dr. Hopgood, the presenter wants to express that he

  • 1) is sad that they do not have more time for the interview.
  • 2) would prefer the interview to end in a more joyful way.
  • 3) doesn’t like to make his listeners upset by his program.

12. According to the article, the way the word ‘friend’ is used in social networks

  • 1) illustrates Aristotle’s understanding of friendship.
  • 2) is the opposite of Aristotle’s ideas on friendship.
  • 3) corresponds to its common dictionary meaning.
  • 4) has created a new meaning of the word ‘friend’.

13. According to the article, advance of electronic technology

  • 1) helps us find true friends and start new deep relationships.
  • 2) gives one a chance to share problems with more people.
  • 3) helps people to better understand their own personalities.
  • 4) results in knowing more people but losing close friends.

14. The word effectively in the 5th paragraph is closest in meaning to

  • 1) in actual fact.
  • 2) for an effect.
  • 3) with a result.
  • 4) successfully.

15. According to the article, social networking makes people

  • 1) sociable.
  • 2) lonely.
  • 3) popular.
  • 4) ironic.

16. According to the article, today people tend to share their problems with

  • 1) people they hardly know.
  • 2) members of their families.
  • 3) friends on social networks.
  • 4) their colleagues at work.

17. There are 3 quotes from Aristotle used in the text. Which of the following ideas is NOT expressed in them?

  • 1) Friends are two spiritually similar people.
  • 2) It is easy and natural to want to have a friend.
  • 3) Friends come quickly when help is needed.
  • 4) Making a true friend requires time and work.

18. The goal of the author of the article is to

  • 1) analyze Aristotle’s ideas about friends.
  • 2) analyze the principles of social networks.
  • 3) convince readers to have true friends again.
  • 4) convince readers to use social networks less.

19. The Great Dane is a dog breed known as «the gentle giant». They are gentle with and make good family pets. CHILD

20. They are one of the largest breeds of dog in the world. Originally, they for hunting, but now they are mainly pets. USE

21. Males are between 54 and 91 kilograms, while females are 45 to 59 kilograms. ears are naturally floppy, but they are sometimes cropped so they stand up to a point. THEY

22. Today, many people are interested in taking care of the environment, and their answer is solar energy. Unlike traditional energy sources, solar energy any pollution. NOT PRODUCE

23. It is a clean, renewable resource, which means it for a long time – as long as the sun shines! LAST

24. Solar panels are quite expensive to install, but they are getting every year, and besides, users save a lot of money later – once the equipment has been installed, there is no operating cost because sunlight is free. EXPENSIVE

25. When Leo moved to Utah, he saw snowboarders for the first time. He wanted to learn how to snowboard too. He asked his mom about the equipment. «That stuff is expensive!» she exclaimed, but she let him take lessons. IMMEDIATE

26. As the oldest student among other in his class, he sometimes felt embarrassed, but he never gave up. He made new friends. BEGIN

27. He fell down over and over, and each time he felt like he was at the beginning. Leo read articles online that were written by snowboarders to learn the moves. Most of all, he wanted to do a flip. PROFESSION

28. Between lessons and studying, he was working very hard. After several lessons, he finally had a clean run down the mountain. To him this seemed . BELIEVABLE

29. «This is awesome!» he yelled as he enjoyed his amazing . ACCOMPLISH

Выберите только ОДНО из двух предложенных заданий (38.1 или 38.2), укажите его номер на чистом листе и выполните согласно данному плану. В ответе на задание 38 числительные пишите цифрами.

38.1 Imagine that you are doing a project on what kinds of drinks parents in Zetland consider best for children. You have found some data on the subject – the results of the opinion polls (see the table below). Comment on the data in the table and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

38.2. Imaginе that you arе doing a projеct on what teenages in Zetland enjoy eating for breakfast. You havе found somе data on thе subjеct – thе rеsults of thе opinion polls (sее thе diagram bеlow). Comment on the data in the diagram and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

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