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Статград английский язык 11 класс ЕГЭ 2022 вариант АЯ2110201 с ответами

Тренировочная работа №2 статград ЕГЭ 2022 по английскому языку 11 класс задания и ответы для варианта АЯ2110201. Официальная дата проведения работы: 21 апреля 2022 год.

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1)“Trees Can Talk” by Robin Black is

  • 1) a book of Native American folk stories.
  • 2) a bestselling psychological thriller.
  • 3) a scientific book written by a biologist.

2)The word “mindset” in “That mindset – comparing trees to people – is exactly the problem” is closest in its meaning to

  • 1) “way of thinking”.
  • 2) “word combination”.
  • 3) “scientific experiment”.

3)According to Robin, scientists

  • 1) always knew that trees could communicate.
  • 2) have just proven that trees can communicate.
  • 3) are suspecting that trees might communicate.

4)According to Robin, when a tree is already attacked by insects, it produces chemicals, which

  • 1) defend it from the insects.
  • 2) tell other trees of the attack.
  • 3) serve as medicine for it.

5)The presenter spells the word “mast” because

  • 1) he is not sure he heard it correctly.
  • 2) he wants to write it down correctly.
  • 3) he thinks he needs to correct the guest.

6)Pecan trees produce nuts

  • 1) regularly every season.
  • 2) with no visible regularity.
  • 3) depending on the weather.

7)We can see from the interview, that the presenter

  • 1) himself is not a very clever person and asks stupid questions.
  • 2) is a specialist in biology and makes the interview too technical.
  • 3) makes sure the listeners understand what the guest is saying.

8)Which of the following is NOT true?

  • 1) Mass paper production requires complicated machinery.
  • 2) Cooking and blending can be part of the paper-making process.
  • 3) Originally, people used trees as the material for making paper.
  • 4) Today, some people make paper the old-fashioned way for fun.

9)Which of the following can be considered paper in the strict sense of the word?

  • 1) paper made of wood
  • 2) paper made of tree bark
  • 3) parchment paper
  • 4) amate paper

10)The original purpose of paper was

  • 1) writing.
  • 2) packaging.
  • 3) recycling.
  • 4) hygiene.

11)Toilet paper was invented in

  • 1) China.
  • 2) Mexico.
  • 3) Europe.
  • 4) the Islamic world.

12)Which of the following is NOT one of the negative environmental consequences of paper making?

  • 1) chemical air pollution
  • 2) chemical water pollution
  • 3) destruction of forests
  • 4) unrecyclable final product

13)Which of the following is NOT an advantage of handmade papermaking?

  • 1) It is good for the environment.
  • 2) It allows you to be creative.
  • 3) All sheets of paper are alike.
  • 4) Material is easy to find.

14)In the last paragraph, by saying “This type of material can go a long way” the author means that

  • 1) one can make a lot of paper out of a small quantity of material.
  • 2) it takes a long time to make hand-made paper out of this material.
  • 3) the paper made from this material is thick and will last a long time.
  • 4) this kind of material can be recycled over and over again.

15)Mark Twain is one of the most well-known American writers. He was the __________________ great literary voice in America. He recorded the history and culture of America in his writing and brought to life all sorts of characters based on people he knew and met.

16)Born in 1835 as Samuel Clemens, Twain lived through the Civil War and joined the Confederate Army. His various careers __________________ riverboat pilot, prospector, and newspaper agent.

17)Mark Twain achieved fame by writing humorous fiction, and his work is still enjoyed by __________________ and grownups today.

18)His most famous works include The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Both of them are modeled on his childhood in Missouri. He also wrote The prince and the Pauper where the way people treat the poor and disadvantaged

19)Why did a ten-week-old piglet wonder the streets of New York City? New York City animal control officers __________________ understand that either.

20)One Friday afternoon they found a tiny piglet. They thought she __________________ from a market. They took her to a shelter. She was quite sick. She was treated for wounds and a respiratory infection.

21)The shelter staff named her Priscilla. Now she is a lot __________________ . Priscilla was adopted by a family in Michigan. She loves her new home.

22)After school little Peter often went to the public library where his mum worked. He loved the quiet rooms with __________________ shelves of books.

23)He loved looking at people sitting __________________ in armchairs and reading. He thought he knew the library well. But today he made a turn and was suddenly lost.

24)The further he went, the taller the bookshelves were and the narrower the aisles between them. He tried turning back but couldn’t find the right __________________ .

25)But he was also curious. Walking on his tiptoes, Peter came up to the corner and looked under the shelf. He saw something little moving on the __________________ floor.

26)You have received an email message from your English-speaking pen-friend Gloria: From: Gloria@mail.uk To: Russian_friend@ege.ru Subject: Moving … Next week we are moving to California! My dad found a good job there. This will be the fourth time in my life that we pack and go to a new place! How many times have you moved in your lifetime, if any? What would be the house or apartment of your dreams? Where would you like to live when you grow up? By the way, in our new place we will have a vegetable garden!

27)Imagine that you are doing a project on what kinds of fruit teenagers in Zetland eat regularly. You have found some data on the subject – the results of the opinion polls (see the table below). Comment on the data in the table and give your opinion on the subject of the project.

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